Unprofessional Handling of a support case

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Dear Azure Team and whom it may concern,

at the end of December I created a free trial subscription in Azure to begin with and started setting up my project (SQL Server DB and Analysis Services plus some cognitive services). A few days later I set up PowerBI for the same domain I set up the azure environment with and that was were the trouble started.

Afterwards I was not able to log in anymore, my subscription expired and the worst I could not transfer or change it to a Pay As you Go one for until now an unexplained reason. After literally thousands of calls and remote sessions, 5 different contact persons from all over the world, no one was able to help me out of this miserable situation. In fact they just closed the case and left me where I am right now.

Neither can I access my data cause the subscription is disabled nor can I delete it to start from scratch (I really have to use this domain name...) nor can I re-enable it by adding a credit card to it. Everything just does not work.

The most rude thing actually is that they just closed the case without getting back to me.

The only feedback I got was this:


The Account Research Team responded stating “As part of our strong commitment to the protection of our customers and our interest in preserving the quality and integrity of the Azure service, we perform supplementary reviews of accounts which may exhibit irregular or suspicious activity. Your account was selected for one of these reviews and after careful consideration, we will be unable to reinstate your purchasing ability.

Please understand that we keep security checks like these in place in order to protect the quality and integrity of the Azure service.”

I am referring to this particual support case: [REG:118010817420745] Two AD and no subscription  Initial Response

Anyone,please help me out!

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