Unleash the value of Industrial IoT with Kepware and Azure IoT Edge

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Kepware’s KEPServerEX is an industry leading solution for connectivity of industrial and manufacturing equipment, and a key component of many company’s Industrial IoT strategies. The Azure IoT platform is a great complement to this connectivity, allowing customers to take advantage of cloud scale, industrial-strength IoT, analytics, and AI technologies. Recognizing the value of this combination, Kepware had previously released a technical note showing how to connect to Azure IoT Hub from KEPServerEX and send the data that it gathered from its connected machinery directly to the cloud via the popular MQTT protocol.


With the release of Azure IoT Edge, customers have the option of bringing some of the custom processing and Azure services from the cloud down to the Edge. This enables scenarios like filtering and aggregating data on the Edge before sending to Azure or executing machine learning models to predict failures or performing anomaly detection with very low latency and bandwidth usage.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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