Unable to set size for virtual machine

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azure.pngHi I am a new user to azure and I have just created an account and bind my credit card to the account. Also, i upgrade the trial account to Pay-As-You-Go. However when I want to create virtual machine and select the size of it, the selection just grey out. I tried to clear the filters but it's the same.

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In the Top right corner, click on your user name  above"Default Directory" and check if you are in the directory where your subscription remain.

@Wing_Lun Hi this is due to the COVID-19 Azure has put some restriction for resource allocation. Create a support ticket for Azure they will help with this. Recently I had the same issue.


Check below update


@Kasun Rajapakse  buenas tarde, me encuentro en la misma situacion, creamos una nueva cuenta con suscription por uso pero sin soporte, no podemos crear un caso al respecto. alguien sabe como solucionar el problema? seguimos sin poder crear VM's ya que nos deja selecciona Size en ninguna region y en las cuotas todo se ve bien.

Hi @Wing_Lun ,


Some sizes are not available in some regions at the time. Maybe not the best solution, but try switching region. 

Microsoft also limits some sizes while in trial, so some might show up after upgrade - depending on when you upgraded to pay as you go.