Unable to modify Conditional Access Policies

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So we have O365, and the "free" Azure which comes with it.

I think a colleague previously signed up for Enterprise Mobility & Security Trial for our tenancy, and configured some Azure Conditional Access policies. (See below)


So as you can see we have one of the Baseline Policies enabled, and 2 more custom ones.

But when i click them to edit/view what settings are in them i get the following


So it seems the only option i have is to Delete the policy, but...i have no way of knowing what impact this will have.


How can i end up with a policy i can't edit?  Is it due to that trial of Enterprise Mobility & Security?

Is there ANYWAY i can see the settings in this policy before i delete it.



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If you sign up to the free trial of Azure AD Premium, you will be able to see it. Just make sure you disable the trail after you have finished.

You could ask your colleague what they set up also. from there you should be able to figure out what impact deleting them might have.

Hope that helps.

@Richard Hooper Bingo!


Signed up for a P2 trial, and i can see the config of the policies.


Now yes i agree we should of checked what was set before the original trial expired, but surely thats a bit of a bug that i can have policies set, and not be able to see what settings are in them?


Anyways i'm gonna play with the configs to see what impact happens when i remove them, then maybe fully delete them before the P2 trial expires.