Unable to delete/cancel Azure AD Premium P2 trial activated for 'Default Directory' tenant on Azure

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I had activated a free trial Azure subscription over a month ago. Along with that, I also enabled the free trial for Azure AD Premium P2 on the 'default directory'. Near the end of my Azure trial subscription, I converted it to the pay-as-you-go model. At that point, I tried to cancel my Azure AD Premium P2 trial however I was unable to. I never created a user account on my active directory that would use the P2 license, the only account I have and had on there with global admin role was my personal email address 'xxxx@hotmail.com'.


When I tried to delete my tenant, I get the error on the 'subscription' and 'microsoft azure' lines stating i need to delete all license-based subscriptions and azure subscriptions associated with it. It has been more than 7 days since I deleted the Azure subscription. See attached. 


I am unable to delete the Azure AD Premium trial information from anywhere as it seems it requires an organization ID associated with that tenant. I can't logon to the O365 admin portal referrred in the help document referenced there: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/users-groups-roles/directory-delete-howto#pr...


Can someone please provide any support on this matter? Am I going to get charged automatically after the trial ends for the Azure AD Premium trial ends? Does my account go back to being 'Azure AD Basic' after the trial ends..?  Do i perhaps need to create a user ID on 'xxx@onmicrosoft.com' etc with global admin rights and then go in the O365 admin portal via that and cancel it...? 

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@Ardamilola thank you for your response. I do not have any active subscriptions, if I go in the Azure portal, it shows my subscription is currently 'disabled'. When i access the 2nd link you shared, that portal it shows my subscription is 'canceled'. 


My concern is mainly around being automatically converted to an Azure AD Premium P2 plan after the trial period ends, I believe it has ended, and i continue to see my 'default directory' being linked to an Azure AD Premium P2 license. Note, i'm not using any of the licenses available. there are no users on this directory except for the personal email ID used to active the subscription the first time around. 

@sunilbanare the above noted solution didn't work, what I ended up doing based on guidance provided via another forum was to create a new admin account on the AAD (I was using my personal 'hotmail' account to try this but that wouldn't work), give this the admin privileges, go to O365 admin page and from there cancel my trial license. 

Hi, thanks I followed your note and worked, as additional I can add here the ink on how to remove the license, in fact it keeps in disabled state