Unable To create a Domain

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Hello, I'm having trouble creating a domain in azure on my new website. It says the domain is available and I fill in my contact information. It goes to deploying but fails with:


The subscription "My subscription number" is not eligible to create an App Service Domain. Click here for details


I click the details and it tells me the same thing. Things I looked at:


Roles: I am the owner of the account so I should be able to.

Credit Card: The credit card is current and the balance is auto-pay so not behind.

New Account: this isn't a new account, I have subscription for awhile now, couple years.

Other: I have registered a different domain fine about a year ago.

Spending limit: I'm having trouble finding this, so checking still see that is the issue.


I'm not sure what to look for here. Any help would be great! Thanks ahead of time.

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Please note that free trial and credit based subscriptions are not eligible to create an App Service Domain