troubles connecting mysql (on Azure VM (linux)) and Azure SQLserver

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I installed your Piwik image successfully on Azure VM: easy. Based on image. 


Now the next step which is more troublesome.


I want to tap the mysql info of this Piwik instance and store the for me essential data on the Azure SQLServer data warehouse, where other customer data resides. I can't find out how it works, tried many documentation tips, mostly based on setting up a connection between a LOCAL mysql instance and ms Azure SQLserver, based on DataFactory.

It simply doesn't work.


- local machine SSH connection with the Piwk instance (via putty/localhost) works all fine, full access.
- i tried the data gateway (data factory) on my local machine: connection with Azure SQLSErver is OK, but no connection with the Azure based mysql instance.
- I tried several ports which are common in mysql setup, even new ports defined at Azure Endpoints.

Can someone help me out? i'd very grateful ;-)k

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