Transfer Domain Name from Azure

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Hello All,


I have bought a domain e.g. within my Azure account.

I would like to host my website with a new provider e.g Host Provider X, since they provide out of the box email services.

Host X is asking me for an EPP (Auth-ID) from azure in order to transfer the domain to the new registrar.

Any idea how to get it?

OR is there a different way to do that?


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Best way you can Point your MX Record and A record to New Providers IP.


You will need following records to configured on Control Panel 

1. Create A records to your new provider's IP

2. Add MX record:

3. "A" Record and to you new Prodvider's IP


Sunit Patil

Hello Sunit,
So I did go to azure DNS zone of my resources, in order to modify record sets.
My questions is:
1- do I need to keep original record sets or delete them and only add the ones you mentioned?


Also regarding your steps:
1. "Create A records to your new provider's IP"
The above IP is it the mail exchange IP of the new provider?
2. "Add MX record:"
what should I set Preference value?

Lastly, back to the original question, how can I get the EPP?



You can find EPP in Azure as "App Service Domains." 

Follow link for changing DNS Records


if you completely want to move your NS to different Provider then you have to add new providers NS record to Azure. 

if you want to continue and manage Azure DNS or App Service Domain, you can add IP and Point MX records to new server that will also work for your scenario, email me if you want to do remote session, info(AT) 


Sunit Patil


Hi AbuSanad,

Did you manage to find the EPP?

Not really.

I ended up subscribing with a new provider, and I did select my already owned domain.

although it came up as not available and can only be transferred, I proceeded like that.

then in azure I updated A record and MX to new provider.

If you manage to find EPP please let me know. Try contact Sunit Patil from above he is quite helpful.



"You can find EPP in Azure as "App Service Domains."
I could not find it,,,

Could you please post a screen shot,,would be handy...