traffic manager time to switch is in minutes?

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I'm trying out Traffic Manager, for resilience and performance reasons. Got it set up with 2 simple web sites (Azure web apps), one in US, one in Europe. 


Added them as end points, set the TM to monitor based on performance. DNS TTL is 30 seconds, HTTP monitoring on port 80, Fast endpoint failover probing at 10 seconds, 0 failures tolerated, probe timeout 5 seconds. 


If TM is directing me to RED, and I then stop it, the servers the monitor notices almost immediately. (overview tells me that RED is down and BLUE is up), but I get to Azure 403 blue screen through the TM. And I get that for about 3 minutes!


Occasionally our site restarts, and takes a couple minutes to return. I was planning on using TM to hide from the users, but the site restarts faster than TM switches over. Is this expected behavior?

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