Throttling of HyperV to Azure Replication Getting Changed Automatically

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we have 4 HyperV servers from where replication done to Azure. All vms in these 4 hyperV host gets replicated to Azure.

Few Weeks back I experienced that from host 1 & host 2, all vms replication getting critical state. I tried to re-synchronize from hyper-V manager but did not work. Then I came to know that Throttling rate of these 4 hosts are different. Throttling rate was 5MBps for host 1 &2. Throttling rate was 512MBps for Host 3 & 4. However, I had changed the throttling rate of host 1 & 2 512MBps in work hours. I changed the throttling rate from c:\programFiles:\Microsoft azure recovery service agent\bin\wbadmin. 

After changing the throttle rate, replication gets normal for all the VMs. but now the problem arrives. On the very next day I found that replication for all the VM in host 1 & host 2 are again critical. Then I checked the WBadmin properties but the throttling rate is still showing 512MBps which I set. But when I ran the command "Net-NetQoSPolicy  -Name CloudBackupThrottlingPolicy", then found that throttling rate has again changed to 5MBps automatically. I changed it again to 512MBps but again automatically it changed to 5MBps on next day. And this is happening in work hours. unfortunately the throttling rate getting changed to its previous value automatically. So every time I am changing the value manually when getting critical status of replication for any VM. I have checked with the AD team & they have confirmed that there is no Group Policy defined for throttling rate & no QOS defined. Even I have checked with the network team & they also confirmed that there is no Net QOS rule defined

I don't know what is the reason but it is not working. Please someone assist me

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