The public Key and Private Key Location

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I have ssh to the PoA validator node and I would like know where do the private key and public key store.


in the /config folder . 

there are  passphrase-0.json and passphrase-1.json file and it points to Azure Vault. 

When I open Azure Key Vault, it shows that "You are unauthorized to view these contents."  even I am the administrator.


how can I  know which json is private key and which one is the public key



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I can read the secret after I modify the access policies ,but I should interpret below value? the name is the node address and the user key is the private key? Name 0x23f3fbc71a2f763980cfecee8c143f0d1d8a223d Ethereum user key: 1f8e79f8-9827-42f9-a4b9-a213a55628a1

Along with the PoA deployment there is an Azure Key Vault, which we use to store the keys.