The network as a disruptive driver


Yousef Khalidi, CVP of Azure Network engineering, today kicked off a blog-series, inviting Azure users, fans and other tech savvy individuals on a tour of our network. When we talk about our network, we'd like to also think of all the small pieces that make up the whole - all those internal and quirkier corner items that help build a great experience.




The first in the series, focuses on setting the stage for the following articles. Covering how our different technologies and approaches to network design and building, help fuel the disruptive movement of cloud across all of IT.


In Yousef's own words: 


"Ideally, cloud services “are secure, compliant, and just work.” Although you may realize that there is a massive datacenter infrastructure behind them, you may not know that the quality and integrity of the service you get depends on robust and secure networks. No matter how good the underlying server infrastructure is, a slow or low-quality network connection at any point between you, or your customer, and the datacenter will degrade your experience..."


Enjoy the series - next one is out tomorrow!

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