The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure eBook - August update is now available

Community Manager

Today, we’re pleased to introduce the new and updated Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure eBook. Featuring extensive updates since the last update, the new eBook is designed to help you get up to speed with Azure in the shortest time possible and includes practical real-world scenarios.


This book includes all the updates from Microsoft Build, along with new services and features announced since then. In addition to these important services, we wanted to focus on practical examples that you’ll use in the real world and included a table and reference architecture that show you “What to use When” for databases, containers, serverless scenarios and more. We also put a key focus on security to help you stop potential threats to your business before they happen. You’ll also see brand new sections on IoT, DevOps and AI/ML that you can take advantage of today.




Read about it in the Azure blog.



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