Tenant merge and Azure AD Connect Question

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Hi there,

We are in the process of merging the tenant of an acquisition into our 365\Azure tenant. We have all the migration activities pretty well sorted, and our plan is to stage their identities in our (target) tenant with a companybtemp.com suffix, so that we can copy their data (OneDrive, Email, etc) using a third party tool that will utilize matching criteria to reconcile the two identities.


We are utilizing AADC to synchronize our on-prem AD objects to Azure, and we've established an IPSEC tunnel to one of their data centers so that we can add their Active Directory to our AADC instance. That's all pretty straight forward.


However, I'm not sure how to accomplish the transformation of the upn suffix from companyb.com to companybtemp.com (which we will update when we've completed migration and can claim the proper namespace after we clean it out of the source tenant).


First question -- is this the best way to approach this?  Or should I hold off on adding their Active Directory to our AADC until we're ready to cutover the ownership of the domain from source 365 to the new home -- ie, stage the accounts with a powershell script, copy\sync their data, then bring in their immutableIDs and stamp them on the created account, revert their UPNs to the end state (companyb.com) and then scope them into AADC?


Please let me know if i can clarify this or answer any questions...I'm stumped on this at the moment!

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