Technical reference implementation for enterprise BI and reporting

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We are happy to announce the technical reference implementation of an enterprise grade infrastructure to help accelerate the deployment of a BI and reporting solution to augment your data science and analytics platform on Azure.


Azure offers a rich data and analytics platform for customers, system integrators, and software vendors seeking to build scalable BI and reporting solutions. However, you face pragmatic challenges in building the right infrastructure for enterprise-grade production systems. Besides evaluating the various products for security, scale, performance, and geo-availability requirements, you need to understand service features and their interoperability, and address any feature gaps that you perceive using custom software. This takes weeks, if not months, of time and effort. Often, the end to end architecture that appeared promising during the POC (proof of concept) stages does not translate to a robust production system in the expected time-to-market.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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