Support form has typos: Itermittent, Consistant

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In the Azure Portal, create a Support Request. (I created a new support request for Log Analytics, specifying the 'Query Execution & visualization' and 'Problem loading the LA portal' type/subtype; I don't know if this specifically matters.)


It presents a question: 'Is the issue intermittent or constant?' The options in the drop-down are 'Itermittent' (misspelled) and 'Consistant' (misspelled, and also doesn't match the question).


I filed this as support request 2112090010002106 but Support told me that Support can't take Support requests for the Support Request portal, so I should post it here instead...

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Thanks - Support should definitely have forwarded this to the appropriate internal teams within Microsoft to resolve it.

FYI: You can submit feedback directly through the Azure Portal. In the upper right next to your profile, click on the "Send feedback to Microsoft" button and submit your feedback