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I hope I could explain the issue. Please let me know if you need more details. 


While I was doing some labs, I’ve created a new Azure AD directory named Then I assigned “Developer Program Benefit” subscription to the newly created After all the lab exercises completed, I assigned “Developer Program Benefit” back to my default directory ( and deleted on a classic portal.


On a classic portal I did not get any error messages, so the directory was successfully deleted. At least, it is not listed on available directories list.


However, the new portal still lists’s UID.





But most importantly, I cannot use “Developer Program Benefit” as it is not available on the subscriptions list.




If I access my account using Azure CLI, az account list shows that I actually have “Developer Program Benefit” subscription associated with my default directory, however, on the I can’t see this directory.




So, the question is how do return "Developer Program Benefit" subscription back  so that I can continue to use it?

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Great question. We're looking into this and will try to get an answer for you.