Staying up to date with the Microsoft Azure roadmap


On September 5, 2018, we launched a new and improved experience on both Azure updates and Products available by region on 

Azure updates
Azure updates on has been consolidated with the Azure roadmap to provide an all-inclusive experience for users to learn about important Azure product updates and roadmap in one place. This revamped page allows you to:

  • Filter by
    • Status - All, Now available, In preview, or In development
    • Product search - Browse the dropdown or type in a product in the text field
    • Update type - Compliance, Features, Pricing and Offerings, Regions and Datacenters, Event-related announcements, etc. 
  • Subscribe to RSS Feed to keep track of new updates based on the filters you've chosen
  • Provide feedback via UserVoice



Products available by region
Products available by region on is the roadmap source-of-truth on what services are available and coming in specific regions. This site is directly integrated with Azure engineering roadmap tools and now displays:

  • What Azure services are currently available or in preview within a particular region
  • Future estimated release dates for previews or general availability in a particular region
    • You can now hover over Preview and Future availability icons highlighted with a circle to learn when to expect a service to go into Preview or Generally Available
  • A dynamic, customizable view that allows you to multi-select:
    • Products of interest
    • Regions/geographies of interest - including sovereign clouds like Azure Government



Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see in the comments below. 

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That link did not work for me, the link that did work is

@sg-tech Thanks so much for the heads up! It looks like one of the links was correct and the other one was wrong. The link has been fixed. 

What you recommend to transfer 13 petabytesif datato the cloud a data box a express route and what pipe size

@Colo2019 For a data move of this size, it would depend on many factors. Do you have an account team that you work with?

@ShivSuthar Can you show me the error? The RSS feed seems to be working fine on my end. 

i need assistance with connecting Sharepoint from Domain d1 to Azure of Domain d2

Hi @Evelyn Ozzie 


Another great source of updates and status (Unsupported non-Microsoft site) is the Azure Heatmap charts


@Craig Wilson Absolutely! This Heatmap uses the data from Azure updates to inform from different pivots. 

Thanks for the update. @Evelyn Ozzie. :smile: