SSIS DevOps Tools error

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I installed the SSIS DevOps Tools in my Azure DevOps instance so I can use Pipelines & Release to build SSIS Projects on my on-premises self-hosted agent (SHA) and deploy them to my on-premises SQL Server that has an SSISDB Catalog setup.

I am testing out the SSIS Catalog Configuration Task which is supposed to allow me to create folders (and projects and environments) in my SSIS Catalog before I attempt to deploy my SSIS Projects to it and I am running into errors I cannot decipher.

I am trying to get the sample JSON Microsoft provided working however I am running into this error:

##[error][Folder: devopsdemo] Failed to create the folder 'devopsdemo': Operation 'Create' on object 'CatalogFolder[@Name='devopsdemo']' failed during execution..

Does anyone have a working example they can share?

Note that I have setup a PowerShell Script Task in my Release that calls a Catalog Procedure to setup a folder in the SSIS Catalog and it was successful so I know the Catalog is online and that my service account has permissions to create folders.

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Our "fix" after talking with support required Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition to be installed on the self-hosted agent. All is working as it should now.