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I want to use Azure for my test lab (e.g. spin up a few Microsoft Servers and may be a workstation or two to test Microsoft stuff).


Now this is the thing, I want to set up my LAB (usual AD Domain) and test things like AAD (Azure AD) using AD Connect to connect my Active Directory LAB base system to an instance of Azure AD, I also want to go on and test other things like AD FS and perhaps AD RMS


So the question is can I test Azure based services like AAD from a LAB enviroment built withing Azure, or will the traffic be blocked as it looks like some kind of loop (e.g. leaving Azure and comming back again, all be it to another service within Azure)


Please advise







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We have similar environment and its work well, because we are using two different services 1) PaaS and 2) IaaS)


Sunit Patil

OK Thanks Sunit, 


I wll give it a try :)



Hi, to find out what the issue in your LAB is, i need more informations- how is your ADFS been reachable from the Internet, is the AAD also integrated into your AZURE VLAN, do you have NSGs in place, an so on.... May be you have a short Architecture of your LAB? Best Niels

Hello Niels


Thank you for the reply, I have not started to build my LAB yet. Basically before I started to build a LAB inside of Azure I wanted to check if I could use such a LAB for things like ADD and AD FS. In otherwords would Azure stop me sending TCP packets out from my Azure LAB to Azure AD via AD Conect for example (e.g. would it see this traffc as some kind of routing loop and drop it).


If the above is OK, the next step would be for me to test out other Microsoft products like AD FS and AD RMS again I am note sure if these were also set up in an Azure LAB if they would be able to route out OK to services like SalePoint for example.


If the above setup is OK in princple, does anyone have any documentation/drawings on how to setup an Azure LAB to connect back to AAD for example. Not a step by step document as I already know how to setup Servers in Azure but rather any special steps I need to take with availability groups, Networking, firewalls etc. to get it working or is it fairly painless?


Thanks again



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I have an Azure lab setup with AD DS, AAD Connect and AD FS. It's completely possible and supportable. Provided your VMs are on the same vNET, IP subnet, and properly setup, you can export your AD DS to your AAD directory. Setting up AD FS will be a little more tricky due to the certificates requirements, but I did set this up as well and it works as expected.  - Josh

Thank you too Josh for your reply, much appreciated