Slow Access Cloud A7 south of Brazil.

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Between 11/12/2017 and 12/13/2017 my server went through a very slow connection.
I analyzed the most diverse possibility and I identified that it was not anything related to my machine itself. I even increased their ability to be sure. What I noticed is that the Upload rate of the machine drops dramatically, leaving all my services slow.

I did not get any kind of solution. on 12/13/2017 the service returned to normal.
Today, 18/12/2017 the intermittence has returned. At various times the connection is slow.

I have an A7 cloud running an IIS server and a MYSQL.
I never went through this problem, now in December that has been happening.

I'm having huge financial losses because of this and so far I have no idea what it can be. I make analyzes on azure speed and latency is normal. I observe azure status and never report a problem. I'm seriously considering making the server switch to Amazon AWS. For my losses are already exceeding good. If anyone has any tips or suggestions will be of great value. Thank.
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This is a Microsoft community forum, Azure Channel.  From what i have seen A7 Cloud is not a Microsoft or Azure solution.


You are requesting help in the wrong forum and channel.