Show html generated in build pipeline on Dashboard

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In my build pipelines, I generate HTML reports and I want the latest one displayed anywhere on the DevOps Server.


I have seen multiple people request the feature to publish HTML in a build pipeline, e.g., here, but it has not been implemented, yet. There are some extensions that implement this feature, e.g., this or this one, but they all seem to be rather limited in the way that they only allow a single html page to be shown. I need a whole bunch of HTML files to be shown.


I don't really care where they are shown, I just want the latest results displayed somehwere. There is also the embedded web page widget for the Azure DevOps dashboard. This could actually be exactly what I am looking for, but I would probably have to deploy the HTML files to some webserver to make it work. Does anyone know, if I can somehow host this directly inside Azure DevOps and have it displayed on the dashboard? (I am not a Web-Dev, so please forgive my ignorance)

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