Show & Tell - Jay Gordon Shows Chloe How to Build an App Using Zero Code (and Microsoft Power Apps!)


On this episode of Show & Tell, Jay Gordon (my coworker + fellow Cloud Advocate at Microsoft) shows off the magical power of Microsoft Power Apps! With 0 code, he builds a Twitter + Slack bot in less than 10 minutes 🤯 Wanna try it yourself?



You can try out building your own code-less Microsoft Power App at (you don't *have* to sing that URL to yourself, but it certainly makes clicking the link more fun! :musical_notes:) Whether you're an engineer with little time, an admin looking to automate processes at work, or a marketing professional looking to build something quickly yourself to track tweet engagements- Microsoft Power Apps enable you do quickly and easily drag and drop your way to fully secure, simple, and helpful applications- try it out today at :backhand_index_pointing_right: (:musical_notes:;))

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