Sharing azure file share with read only rights.

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I am currently investigating file storage within Azure with the goal of moving a local large file share/library to Azure instead of having it sitting on a physical server in our office.


I have run through Azure and been able to create a file share and successfully map this to my machine as a network drive using owner/admin rights.


What I'm stuck on, is how best to then share this to other users with read only rights?

I've looked through the azure portal and see I can set someone with a Microsoft account to have read rights, but on doing so don't see any easy way to then translate that into a mapped drive with read only rights.


Could someone please give me some pointers on how to achieve this, or the best way of making this happen with Azure?


Essentially we want an admin role to load azure with all the files, and to then allow all our users (but not public) to access the location from thier generic computer with read only rights.

Looking for simplest/easiest way to do this.

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