Set the contributor workflow in Access Control (IAM) of Free Trial Version

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Hi Everyone,


I am adding my Azure personal subscription to LCS.


But for that I need add my LCS user as Contributor role to the Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled] application.

This has been mentioned with screenshot on below document,



However, when I navigate to my Azure Portal I don't see such any option of Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled]. The UI is different. Please help.

My Azure Portal options look like below,




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Found solution on one blog. We need to do workaround mentioned on below link to get rid of this issue.

@Rhushikesh09 Hello. I am not sure how will I be able to get rid of this issue. My Account (Email address removed) is the same account which is there in LCS (used to sign-up a D365 Finance Trial) and in Azure - still, I am not able find the option "Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled] " to select while I am doing the process mentioned here 


Basically my UI is completely different to what is mentioned in this link or anywhere else I see on internet so far (including your snapshots above).


Basically when I click "Add Role Assigment" it shows below


Then the below page is shown where I select member (basically the same logged in user)


This this page....


And then the role assignment is created (please note that the place hasn't shown where "Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled] " is shown -- still I go back to "Role Assignments" Tab where a Contributor type record is added



When I click on that (and a couple more clicks) and I get to below page nothing shows Dynamics Deployment Services --- I seriously don't know what to do from here on?