Separate Build and Deploy using Pipeliens - Releases (GUI based)

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hi guys, first of all I am like 6 months new to Azure DevOps (pipes and all using yaml)


Initially we had all running based on yaml ( which I like it a lot) but one of my co workers recommended to separate build and release pipeline usining - Pipelines - Releases in GUI menu, but I feel like the release pipe is going backwards, so we are migrated yaml to this Azure Dev Ops GUI release interface (looks for me like this is the classic Azure Dev Ops which I understood will be deprecated soon)


I don't feel comfotable now, it is supposed to  go code instead of using GUI


I see issues in the way we have to call variables now


I don't like this GUI interface much, weird that the recommended way for almost all stuff is to code-automated but this won't all much


in our case we have like 30 functions and sometimes we have to run them in groups or individually and I preferred the way stages work instead on this boxes I have to deselect in order to run a function

some other things


If I do changes no one can validate my changes in a PR


so it is me, that I need more time to adjust to this change ? or this is the way to separate build and release pipelines in azure Dev Ops?


* today I was talking to a co worker who used to use Azure DevOps and he said he used releases but with a team that did not know any about yaml, but this is not the case and I can use yaml, stages, jobs, etc very good 





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