Securing the Intelligent Edge

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The Intelligent Edge brings the power of the cloud to mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and demands security for trust. Azure IoT Edge is an implementation of the Intelligent Edge. Cloud-enabled computing at the edge means concentrating data, and therefore inherent value even if only momentarily. It also means moving tremendous value from the cloud to the edge in the form of intellectual property, algorithms, curated parameters, and value operations like policy enforcements, metering, and monetization. The Intelligent Edge is without a doubt a high-value bullseye to nefarious hacking and demands a high bar for security. Securing it requires a community effort and Microsoft, in alliance with many companies, is making great strides in this direction.


Why should an Intelligent Edge device demand the same rigor with which we secure the Microsoft Cloud? The Intelligent Edge device is physically accessible to potentially malicious actors, and therefore exposed to greater threats. These range from physical tampering to exploits from repurposing tools and knowledge from other disciplines.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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