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I am using the Azure portal Microsoft Defender for Cloud.  When I click on secure score only one of my subscriptions is showing a score.  My other subscription says restricted and doesn't show a score.  It was showing a score last week so not sure what happened.  Does anyone have any ideas?


Thank you.

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I'm also seeing this issue as of today.  Maybe Microsoft has changed something on the backend?

@devan101010interesting.  I have a support request in to Microsoft.  I am waiting for a reply.  I will post here when I get a reply.  Thanks for replying.

We are having the same issue.  Following this thread.@HmeltonAppDev 

I am also having the same problem. I was able to see my Secure Score yesterday and then today is in a restricted status. Microsoft must have changed something - sounds like they removed permissions somehow for us to view the Secure Score.
Same is happening with us. This just recently changed. I was able to view everything this morning.

I was able to see all my subscriptions this morning, then this afternoon only half, and by the end of the day all subs are showing restricted. I checked RBAC and nothing has changed. It may be something with the back end API.

Yep I can’t see any of our subscriptions now. Still no response from Microsoft tech support.
I just checked, and I see about 20% of my subs. 80% are still showing restricted. I'm hoping by morning everything will be back to normal.
I can now see the secure score for all of my subscriptions.

@lmpalermo  I can see all of my secure scores now too.  Never did get a reply from MIcrosoft support.

I can now see my Secure Scores too. I am sure they fixed it. It appears we had lost permissions to view this. I am pretty certain they rolled back whatever change they had made. It would be good if they can at least respond or shed light on what caused this.
I don't think it was a permission issue. My permission is set a the tenant level, not at the subscription level. Maybe it was just a glitch in the Matrix :)
Yes you are right on that one, it was not a permissions issue. It seems the Secure Score is now called 'Secure posture'' Looks like they were updating and rebranding it i assume :)