Run your LOB applications with PostgreSQL powered by the plv8 extension

Community Manager

We are extremely excited to share that the plv8 extension for PostgreSQL is now enabled in all generally available regions of Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL. The plv8 extension was one of the highly requested UserVoice asks from our growing customer base and the PostgreSQL community. It is a popular community extension that unlocks new scenarios and possibilities, it also enables developers to write their functions in JavaScript which can be called from SQL.


PostgreSQL is an established open source database with strong native JSON capabilities, and the plv8 extension further enhances it by integrating the JavaScript v8 engine with SQL. Marten library is one such library that uses the plv8 extension to allow developers to leverage PostgreSQL as a NoSQL document store or event store. Using PostgreSQL as a document database opens new possibilities for designing and developing retail cart applications, marketplace solutions, IoT event processing, and LOB applications.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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