Route IoT device messages to Azure Storage with Azure IoT Hub

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Azure Storage containers is the new custom endpoint type available with IoT Hub.  Azure Storage containers joins Service Bus queues, topics, and Event Hubs as supported custom endpoint types for IoT Hub message routing. Storage was the most requested endpoint type for message routing because it makes it super simple to build a cold-path analytics pipeline. The best part, it’s available everywhere.


Just as a reminder, IoT Hub can write messages to multiple endpoints, so with this feature improvement customers can both send the message through a hot-path analytics pipeline, as well as push the message to storage for cold-path analytics or long-term archival. Cold-path analytics are used to process data which requires more complex processing than simple windowing or thresholding, and cold-path analytics often uses data from devices over a longer period of time. With this feature update, you can set up your hot- and cold-path analytics easily in IoT Hub routes.




Read about it in the Azure blog

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