Root cause analysis and time exploration updates to Azure Time Series Insights

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Azure Time Series Insights is currently in public preview, and we’ve been hard at work the last couple months to help our customers better manage and find value in their time series data.  Time Series Insights is a fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service that makes it simple to explore and analyze billions of IoT events simultaneously. Additionally, it allows you to visualize and explore time series data streaming into Azure in minutes, all without having to write a single line of code. For more information about the product, pricing, and getting started, please visit the Time Series Insights website on


We’ve heard a lot of feedback from our manufacturing, and oil and gas customers that they are using Time Series Insights to help them conduct root cause analysis and investigations, but it’s been difficult for them to quickly pinpoint statistically significant patterns in their data. To make this process more efficient, we’ve added a feature that proactively surfaces the most statistically significant patterns in a selected data region. This relieves users from having to look at thousands of events to understand what patterns most warrant their time and energy. Further, we have made it easy to then jump directly into these statistically significant patterns to continue conducting an analysis.


Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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