Retriving diagnostic data in Azure

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I'm studying for the 70-533 and I'm currently in the objective where you have to know how to retrieve diagnostic data. I am following along with a video and I've opened PowerShell, logged into Azure, and the instructor is using the command "Save-AzureWebsiteLogs" When I go to input it, I get an error telling me to set my description as default and to use "Select-AzureSubscription -Default "subscription name". Ok, so I input that, and get another error telling me the string for "DefaultProfile" is incorrectly stated. So, I instead did "Select-AzureRMSubscription -subscriptionname "pay-as-you-go" and it worked, but the command, "Save-AzureWebsiteLogs" is input, it still gives me the same error. I've found that this command was used with ASM, which is associated with classic shell, which I can no longer access. So my question is, there a way currently in AzureRM to download diagnostic logs?

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Nevermind. I figured out that I'm just going to have to use the FTP server or Kudu to retrieve them.

I've also figured out I have to use Add-AzureAccount. Oops.