Rest API :integrating servicenow with devops

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iam implementing outbound rest message iof servicenow that means when incident record will be created that record need to be created in devops work item.iam bale creating record, my question is i want to description field of work item = concat incident number +decription of incident.i tried below code, but no luck, can one help me how to combine two fields and store 7in work item field.


"op": "add",
"path": "/fields/System.Description",
"value": "${description}"+ ' '+"${number}",

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What is the return result fist of all? 


iam getting error message as below.



Hi @anitha1280,

Have you tried a no-code platform instead? You can get a lot more flexibility in connecting DevOps to ServiceNow with an out of the box syncing tool like Unito. Here's an integration guide for ServiceNow and Azure. It syncs a table from SN to a project in ADO with updates between records and work items.