Resource move validation failed | Error Code: ResourceMoveProviderValidationFailed

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Hi All,

Trying to move resources from one resource group to another resource group which is linked with Nerdio. Question here is, when I initiated the resource move getting the below error:

 (Code: ResourceMoveProviderValidationFailed) One of the resources being migrated or its dependency is not in Succeeded state. 

 It points to xxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Network/bastionHosts/

either directly involved in the move or referenced by one of the resources involved in the move is not in Succeeded state. Resource is in Failed state and the last operation that updated/is updating the resource is InternalOperation. (Code: ResourceNotProvisioned)". I can notice it is not allowing any resources to move. Do you have any suggestions please.
Thank you !
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Any public IP, you may be required to remove the association before action