Resolved Reason field in AzureDevOps - Difference between 'Fixed' and 'Fixed and Verified'?

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While closing a Bug or a Defect work item in AzureDevOps, we have an ability to choose a valid resolved reason from the dropdown. Currently, the dropdown shows multiple values but I wanted to understand the difference between 'Fixed' and 'Fixed and Verified' values as per the standard guidelines since both values are available in the dropdown (screenshot below)?


The resolved reason field is anyways not editable so both values are coming in by default. The available documentation (Define, capture, triage, and manage bugs or code defects in Azure Boards - Azure Boards | Microsoft ...) only provided definition of Fixed as "Bug is verified as fixed."



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I was looking for something else re the Resolved Reason and saw no answer to this question.


From a process perspective, the difference as I learned it is:

Fixed: we did the work and it should be ok now

Fixed and verified: As Fixed but now we or someone else responsible checked that it indeed is ok


It depends on your Definition of Done which of the two you(r team) consider(s) to be Done and therefore allow as Close reason.


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