Requesting input for serverless Azure site with HTTP2

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I am building a web project that that will utilizing newer design patterns.

The project is suposed to run serverless whichs yells out loudy for web apps.


We however wish to use HTTP2 for the project which is not supported by web apps.


The project will be build with NodeJs and I thought of using the HTTP2 package and force it to run via Node instead of the web app.


That however seems to clash with the SSL from the web app.


Anybody had any luck getting this setup to work or got any input on how to run NodeJS HTTP2 serverless in Azure? 

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Hi Rune,

Maybach it mighty Be the bettet way to think about using a Node.js Container on ACS with the ASR instead of using a WebApp.


Hi Niels,


Thank you for your reply. I will test it out.

Do you know if this will have the same issues as etc linux web apps where it is still server 2012 NOT R2 that runs as the backend which in return doesnt support HTTP2?

Hi Rune, Microsoft is supporting containers only on Server 2016 - so i see no Trouble. And on the other Hand, you can use ACS with a Linux Cluster ( Best Niels