Report for tasks moved from one Sprint to another

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I need help. How do I run a report to see tasks that were moved from one Sprint to another. I am currently on Sprint 4, I want to see tasks that were moved from Sprint 2 to Sprint 3 to Sprint 4 and just tasks that were moved from previous Sprint to the current one.

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None that I know of.

I initially thought this would be easy. I.e. Query items with Iteration Path = currentIteration, and WAS EVER in previousIteration clause (or specify Iterations is necessary). Alas, the WAS EVER option doesn't seem to be available for the Iteration Path (Sprint) field :(

There'd be a way using PowerBI consuming an Analytics view (with [include item History] option). But that's a disproportionate amount of effort (unless you're using it for other insights) :(

I'd also be keen to know if anybody else finds an easy way.

Meantime, a couple of alternatives/crutches:
- We've added "Activation Date" field to Backlog Columns and Board Cards. It makes an Items age a bit more visible. That field gets auto-populated when Item moves from New to any In Progress state (if it's not standard, then we added a trigger or process-rule]. On the Board we color-code cards that have Activation Date > N days.
- I heard of some teams that add a "Carried Once", "Carried Twice" (and so on) Tag to Items as part of Sprint changeover. Thus giving visibility and options to Query/filter (... and more importantly, the option to do analysis and discussion about what might be going on with carried items).
Are you just moving the Task and leaving the parent work item in the original sprint?

If so, you could do a 'Work Items and Direct Links' query to return tasks where the parent has a different iteration path.

@trishmcdonough Thank you for the response. Yes, I only want to see the tasks that moved from one sprint to another and leaving the parent. Can you please assist on how I run the 'Work Items and Direct Links' Query?

Hi Ian. Thank you for the response. Can you please help with the " I heard of some teams that add a "Carried Once", "Carried Twice" (and so on) Tag"
How do I do that, if you do not mind helping.
Hi Sindi, re "Carried" tags:
Scrum guide says to return incomplete sprint Items to the backlog. In practice, some teams will continue them next sprint. If a "Carried" tag is added to those Items (say, during Sprint Planning), it gives a way to filter the Board and Backlog by Tag, and you'd see all the Item with Carried tag. So, although not a "report", you can get a list/view.
Oh now I get what you mean. Thank you
Hi, @trishmcdonough can you help explain a little about this approach from Power BI or any other way? @Sindi_Jacobsson are you able to get this working? I am also looking for an approach to identify work items that have been moved from the previous sprint to the current.