Remove entry ("old" appended to domain name)

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I have recently signed up for Azure with my new business domain. Before this, the domain was added and verified under a different Azure account. It has since been removed though.


However, now when I log in with my account and click on the profile icon in the top right, it displays "". Also. when I navigate to MS Entra in the overview page, the name is also instead of just So for some reason it appended "old" to the domain name.



in MS Entra > Settings > Domain Names | The domain name is correct but the onmicrosoft domain looks strange, it is and is set as primary. When trying to make the actual domain my primary domain, I get the error message "Unable to make domain name '' primary of"

Why is that and how can I change this?

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thanks for the link, I did look into that. However, I don't think that is the issue I'm encountering.

For example, when I navigate to:

my home organization shows as being instead of And I can't leave it because only an admin can remove my account from the home organization, even though I'm logged in the the global admin.


Just very strange all of this...

Ok wow, just as I post this I found what it was. It was just the Tenant name *facepalm*. I renamed the tenant to, and voila, all good.