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When I was trying to connect my virtual Windows 10 machine in Azure, I downloaded the connecting file, run it, but it failed to connect. Could any one give me some guide, please? Thank you so much!

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Hi Frank,


Can you confirm the VM is in a running state?

Have you tried resetting it?


After a reset or start it can take a few minutes depending on the size of the VM (and OS/Features) before you can connect.

Hi Peter,


Thank you so much for your reply. 


Yes, it was running. And I did try to restart it. However, the remote control stayed in the state "configuration of the remote computer", but failed to connect. I am using my surface pro 3, running windows 10, too. I checked my remote control settings on my computer, which was good... I don't know what might go wrong...



Was it an existing VM (or did you just create it)


If existing you can try to click the Redeloy option in Azure, this will delete anything in the temp drive. This creates a new VM host and moves the old disks to the new VM. This solves a lot of issues.


If New, just delete it and its other resources and recreate the VM.



Also did you recently do an update on the VM or were you doing something at the time it disconnected?

Can you verify the NSG (Network Security Group) inbound rules RDP should allowed to connect the VM