Reimagining the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification

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My message is as follows: I think it is too easy or rather too simple a task to earn the current

Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification

mainly because it requires only 2 Exams. Now I am not one to want to ask for many more requirements but it seems to make sense that 3 Exams are reasonable and perhaps doing an AZ-104 is a prerequiste for 2 more appropriate Azure Solutions Architect Expert. In the late 1990s and 2000s we needed about 5 Exams to make a MCSE cetification and it really separated us from others in the crowd.

Please (Microsoft) consider this idea for 2023 and reduce the overlap among exam questions.


If you are a Architect Expert please reply and choose to agree or disagree and state a reason for agreement or disagreement.   Thank you!

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