Recovery Services Vault- Backup Alerts- Configure Notifications with PowerShell?



Using Recovery Services Vaults to backup VMs in Azure, we can configure Backup Alert notifications using the portal- is there a way of doing this in PowerShell (or via API/ CLI...)?


Use case- we want to turn on email notifications on all our vaults, or update/add an email address.

Configure Notifications in the PortalConfigure Notifications in the Portal


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@Chris Bradshawthis is not possible. Everyone needs it so i'm not sure why they haven't implemented this... probably not the thing you want, but have a look at the backup explorer:


also, you can export your data to Log Analytics and configure your alerts over there. This is possible with PowerShell!

Thanks for having a look @Jente_V 

I've been using Backup Explorer for other things, but unless I'm missing something you can't even see the notifications in that tool.


Log Analytics is an option, but I was hoping to leverage the notification tool that's built into the Recovery Service Vault for simplicity. It's a shame if that's just not supported (yet?) in PowerShell.

It's a shame if that's just not supported (yet?) in PowerShell < I've been waiting for this for over 2 years so I don't think this is coming .. (weird). Maybe a UserVoice will speed things up (


Also, have a look at this: