Recovery Services Failover, no network and agent not ready

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I am using Recovery Services to protect a bunch of our on-prem servers that are on ESXI 6.7. We are having issues with a few of our older machines which are 2008R2, while we are working to get rid of these with our vendor we have found when we do our Test Failovers to Azure, we cannot get the Network to work or the Agent to go into a Ready status. 


The machines are running Azure VM Agent ver 2.7.41491.949.


Sometimes when I toggle the "Test Connection" under Connect - RDP it seems to jog the system and get it going, but it's not consistent.  I have also tried switching from DHCP to Static and back, changing subnets, doing the redeploy option and these seem to never get it going.


These machines have every update in Windows update on them, the firewalls are disabled as we handle that at the network level here, there is no software that would block this. 


Any ideas or things that might help with the failover establishing connection?

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I would suggest, following fixes might help to consistent network & RDP.

1) Disable NLA ( Azure portal- VM -> Operations -> Run command -> Execute Disable NLA
2) Ensure the VM Network effective route has advertised the On-Prem & Azure network gateway
3) Ensure any persistent route gateway. If any obsolete gateway update to,,10.x.x.x

use : Route Print , ADD & delete method.



Will do, thanks so much I will try these now and start testing monday morning 1st thing.

Thanks so much!