Recovering Data from Azure Backup takes too Long so Recovery Volume Unmounted

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I am in the middle of testing Azure Backup to see if makes sense for us to use it. We are using the MARS agent installed on an on premises server.


When I tested the restore with 250MB it worked great.


Today I was testing the restore with more data than I have in the past (34GB). The recovery volume was mounted and I started the copy to where I wanted it to go. I just took a look and realized that it will take just over 6 hours to complete the copy. However, the Recover Data Wizard says that the volume will automatically be unmounted after six hours. That means that it will fail before the restore is complete.


There is not much sense to a backup solution if you can't restore all of your data. I must be missing something.


From what I have read it seems that this methodology is called "instant recovery" and that before January MARS used another method where you would choose the source files and folders, the destination, and then it would restore to that destination. It appears that once "instant recovery" became available the old method disappeared.


Is there another way to restore that will allow restoring larger amounts of data?




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