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     I am a student implementing a Blockchain POC for an institutue that specializes in Financial and Banking Technology. I have primarily worked with Multichain and IBM Fabric till date and am interested in trying out Azure's solution.


Do you have any recommendations or comparison charts that I can use to select a solution to start with [I intend to create a small PoC]? 

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Hi Jagannath,


Depending on the POC, scenario, and requirements, there are several ways to get started with Blockchain on Azure. I recommend looking at:


Do you need a smart-based solution for your POC or will UXTO-based blockchain technologies work for you? If UXTO is sufficient, you can check out Chain. If you are looking for a smart contract-based solution and one node blockchain is sufficient for your POC, then check out BlockApps. Otherwise, if a requirement is to have a multi-node solution, then I recommend checking out the Ethereum Consortium marketplace offering.


Picking the right solution depends on your requirements and needs. Can you share some more details on the scenario and POC you are looking to develop?



Zeyad Rajabi