Realistic costs for Azure storage?

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Looking at realistic costs for Azure storage for off-site backups for a potential customer. Very basic and preliminary information is they have about 60TB of just flat files on a Netgear NAS that is automatically copied to another Netgear NAS. Sounds like just a mirror. They want to have an off-site copy in the cloud and are very set on Azure storage. That copy at Azure would need to have versioning. 


They want to be able to be able to mount Azure as an iSCSI target since 'we have to restore a lot'....and a restore can be 20GB a day! So.....worst case scenario; 60TB of storage, 200GB in changes a day, 20GB retrieved a day.


Curious what a realistic cost would be for that. Was looking at the calculator and had storage and VPN on there. Not sure what else I might need or the right choices based on their needs. Wasn't sure on the 'put', 'other', and 'data write' options, and if they could get away with cool storage. 


Assuming they would need something on-premise to copy the data from the NAS to Azure, and then something at Azure to allow iSCSI connections. Or maybe as long as they can mount something at Azure use even a simple backup software to do file-level copies. 


Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions/etc.....but want to make sure I have the right options selected when estimating costs. 

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Ok where to start...


Due to your need for versioning, what you require is Recovery Service Vault.
You have the option of using a direct agent or you could consider System Center Data protection manager(DPM) that has the option to use the vault for storage. DPM can also utilize local storage to allow local retention for faster recovery.


Now connecting azure storage via ISCSI to onprem, this is not something you can achieve with out doing some out of the box thinking, like having a windows server in Azure with a large enough VHD (current max is 4TB, so you would need alot) and then using that server as a ISCSI initiator.... must i go on. 


Azure has cold storage for data at rest at almost no cost pr GB, but the restore activity you mention has me worried, perhaps you could give is a bit more information as to how time sensitive the restore mush be, how fast is the WAN link.