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Can we get some idea of when Cyptlets will be in private/public preview?

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Unfortunately, at this time we can't disclose dates around release of Cryptlets. That said, we are working on this functionality and are identifying customers to participate in private previews. If customers are interested in getting early access, let us know.

Thank you for holding this AMA.


Hi I'm a developer working in a company that's interested in deploying blockchain solutions in Poland. We'd be interested in providing the cutting edge and therefore would like to participate in private previews that you mentioned.


Where should we direct our communication? What kind of prerequisites should we satisfy to be considered?

Feel free to reach out to me directly at That said, we are looking for customers who are pushing for pilot, pre-production, or production solutions using blockchain. These solutions need to be focused on customer business scenarios and should not be experimentation POCs.

Thank you. This answers my question completely.