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Hello, this is Ken from Chicago.  


Is there a follow on documentation to Azure Blockchain service document to show how to setup the private blockchain between couple of organizations?


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There is a good article by Christine Avanessians called "Ethereum Consortium Blockchain in Azure Marketplance. Google that and you should find a PDF quickly... well-written.
Great question Ken. We are in the process of releasing an updated version of the multi-node consortium solution to support setting up networks across organizations. In other words, this new solution will allow more than one company to setup a blockchain network with each other. The solution will be coming out very soon.

Thanks, that was the document that I followed.  Thought it was good and it ended with "You are now ready to focus on application and smart contract development against your private consortium blockchain network." and so was wondering if MS team had this published.

Oh I see what you mean. Sorry! Great question.

Perfect. The use case that I had in mind was where we are sharing chart of accounts and recommended general ledger entries based on their financial activities. Currently this is using file transfer and so was hoping blockchain would be more secure route. Does that seem like a valid use case?