RDP into VM after updating windows 10?

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I just upgraded one of my Windows 10 VMs from anniversery to creaters update. When i rebooted its asking some general questions that its wanting you to respond to. Unfortunately it looks like it asking these questions before RDP services come up so i can not RDP into the box. Attached is an screenshot:




When i upgrade to annversery update i didn't have these issues. What options do i have to recover this machine? Id really like to not have to build it from scratch.

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I dont have experience with Windows 10 machines running in Azure.


But if this was a server you had several options.


1. Download the VHD, boot the machine and correct the issue, then upload and recreate the VM.

2. Delete the VM, attach it to a recovery VM and if possible fix the issue by provide a unattended answer file or replacing damaged files depending on the issue

3. Recover from a Backup to before the upgrade