"The package.json file is too large. Size limit is 384000 bytes" when trying to push npm package to

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Duplicate from learn site, but I got no help there and also was redirected on twitter to post there, so sorry for the spam.

We are migrating to Azure artifacts from our locally hosted nexus.
We have one npm lib, which has a quite big package.json, and also a couple of bigger files (>1MB).
Is it somehow possible to push that to Azure, and then use it as a normal npm package in our projects?
If not - why is there such a limitation? I could not find anywhere anything regarding package.json/single file limitation, the only I found was for the whole package or even for the whole file, mentioned there  https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/artifacts/reference/limits?view=azure-devops#size-lim...

Npm packages: limited to 500 MB per file.

whereas our lib, packed (tgz - normal npm packaging) has 8.4 MB, unpacked ~44, the biggest file had 1.8MB, and package.json had 1MB. Even after removing that huge file, leaving files only below 1MB and cutting that package.json below 340KB, we still had an error which was saying that I could not push files above 1MB. Even pushing just package.json caused the same error - cannot push files heavier than 1MB (it had 340KB).



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