"Resource not found" error while using Sharepoint in Logic Apps

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Hi All,

I have created a Logic App where i want to use the Sharepoint trigger "When a file is created in folder". When i provide the site of Sharepoint and then click Folder Id then it is giving me error "Resource not found". The same thing was working 2 days earlier without any issue and it was showing me the folders hierarchy on sharepoint site. There has not been any change in the permission of the user through which i have connected to sharepoint and the user is Global Administrator on Sharepoint site.

Anyone has any suggestion about how it can be resolved?



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We ran into the same issue with a group account accessing SharePoint. It turned out that the "queries" block of the SharePoint step (in the JSON) got wiped, which caused anyone who formerly had access to get tripped up when they tried to run it in Azure.


This was caused by having someone who didn't have permissions to our group account opening and saving changes in the LogicApp in Visual Studio.


The fix we used was to reset to a former commit that had the "queries" populated. I would suggest that, or perhaps setting up the SharePoint step from scratch to make sure it has all the parts it needs to work.